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Faculty members

There are 13 full-time faculty members in the department, 10 have doctoral degree, accounting for 76.9%. Every faculty member has his/her own specialized field. They have been participating in research and evaluation of the profession of early childhood education. Since the graduate program was established, the faculty had been putting more effort in advising Masters' theses.
Graduates’ Career Development
Our students can finish their coursework in four years. Students who enroll in early childhood teacher preparation program must complete a half-year of student-teaching after graduation, and pass the national teacher qualification exam to be certified. The graduates may also pursue their careers in related fields, such as children's literature publication, teaching music, arts, or physical games for young children. They also can work in the development of teaching materials as well as research areas. Students who are interested in doing early childhood education research or teacher preparation may choose to further their study in a graduate program in Taiwan or abroad.